“Branding is not a matter of making your target customers choose you over your competitors. It iss about making your prospects accept you as a leading solution to their problems”

More than just a logo, your brand defines your customers’ experience. Your brand shows what your customers think about you and mirrors what you do. It is a complex mixture of feelings, personality and attitudes that enable your customer appreciate your values.

To be successful, your brand should always touch the hearts and minds of your audience. As a professional agency, by thinking much ahead, we understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects and we are capable of bridging your values with your desired audience.


advertising campaigns

“Advertising campaigns are not just about selling products. It is an art of selling your corporate or product brands.”

Knowing products and heating up the inspiration associated with each product category is an art Ad Pro masters when it comes to advertising campaigns. Using an integrated approach, we start with stunning ideas and produce the best campaigns that would truly make your brand stand out of the crowd.



In the new digital world, interactive products such as websites and interactive CDs help companies gain more public attention and responses, and moreover, interact with audience from all over the world. Our technical experts are professional in making you easily tap your online audience and cut down on your marketing budget substantially.



A good picture is equivalent of a thousand words. In order to convey your advertising message to your audience, your publications need high quality advertising images. That’s how AdPro’s photography services add values to your marketing drive through many forms of artistic settings.



Life is an endless process of creativity. We are born creative and our passion for creativity never ends. We never stop thinking about tomorrow, particularly ways to empower our clients bring their products forward with our intelligence and insight.

Tv Commercial


With more than 7 years involved in TVC Production, we are proud to excel in the whole TVC production process including concept development, script writing, casting, voice dubbing, music and special effects, etc.

While our clients appreciate our unique ideas and exellent frames, we know why we can deliver good TVC products: only by understanding the root of a brand, we can promote the ideas and values that associate the brand with their audience.